Management homework help.

The challenges of today’s workforce include leadership, ethics, globalization, technology, diversity, work-life balance and many social issues. Our complex and changing environment requires people and organizations to continuously adapt and improve for the hope of promising futures. Important trends with human behavior in organizations include importance of connections and networks, commitment to ethical behavior, broader views of leadership, emphasis on human capital and teamwork, demise of command and control, influence of information technology, respect for new workforce expectations, changing concepts of careers, and concern for sustainability.

Write a 2-3 page paper reflecting on a trend or issue that has affected your current or prior workplace (leadership, ethics, globalization, technology, diversity, work-life balance or a social issue). Describe the trend or issue. How did it impact you? How did it impact your organization? Would you describe your organization as smart workforce? (You may need to Google this idea if it has not been covered in your courses yet). How would a smart workforce assist in the situation you described? You can use first person in this paper, however, use scholarly writing habits by avoiding trite sayings or slang, avoiding contractions, and using research to support your ideas. You will be required to include a minimum of two peer reviewed sources from Welder Library eresources. Your paper is required to be in APA, 6th edition format. Please include a title page and reference page. You do not need to include an abstract page. For information regarding APA, 6th edition please reference this link (Links to an external site.).

Please refer to the rubric for the grading requirements.

Management homework help