How is it that Six Sigma and lean are compatible improvement methods when they are so different?  –  Are they really different?  Aren’t they connected?  Consider that Six Sigma implementations may cost money and require personnel, and seem to be counter-effective to operating lean.  But what about resulting cost savings by reducing waste?
As you know all companies are facing challenges regarding talent surplus. COVID 19 has made it very difficult to plan for talent management. The decrease in market activity has been devastating for most companies.  There are so many discussions in the media and the academic world regarding this particular issue. Look at what is happening as the unemployment numbers are increasing day by day. Keep in mind that talent is a company’s capital, and losing a company’s capital is very costly and counterintuitive.
The concept here is that one has to invest first if one wants to reach a lower operating cost.  Investing in lean typically a large pay-off.