1.  Consider how consumer behavior drives other consumers. In these rare occurrences like the current experience, we tend to follow other consumers who ordinarily wouldn’t be considered to be a reference group.
…… How the travel ban and the tariffs and import restrictions will impact consumers over the next several months or even years? (180 words)
2.  According to the electronic reading: “The Influence of Package on Consumer Behavior” “Packaging includes designing and producing the container or wrapper for a product” (Jafari, Nia, Salehi, & Zahmatkesh, 2013, para.8)
At times, the packaging can actually replace the product. Consider the Happy Meal container, for example, or Starbuck’s coffee cup. Too, back to our grocery store discussion, the photographs on the packaging of pre-cooked, packaged meals (TV Dinners) and other processed products impact our decision making.
Packaging can serve many roles as well.
……Think of and discuss an example of a product where the packaging is more important than the product? (180 words)