No Plagiarism. Module 1 is of Management class and Module 2 is of Public heath class. Need in one hour
Module 1 Discussion- 125 words and two replies of 30-40 words.
Module 2 assignment – One page
Module 2 Discussion- 200 words initial post and 50-60 words replies.
Module 1 Discussion
Do you believe organizations have some obligation to help their employees achieve a good work-life balance? Why or why not?
Module 2 Assignment: Personal Reflection
Reflect on personal health behavior. Explain how each of the 8 factors listed in Chapter 1 might influence that behavior. Suggested length is 1 page, double-spaced.

Module 2 Discussion

What factors do you personally consider before making a decision? Consider those factors, and then consider the frameworks we discussed for studying Public Health policy. Which framework and factors would you be most likely to apply in evaluating a Public Health policy?