Write about Walmart -organizational Problem- employee satisfaction
Why  they have issues with these problems
Why do Walmart have this issue with employee satisfaction
This is the Paper/Report portion of the Final Project.
Working in teams, students will play the role of management consultants. Each team will conduct an analysis of an organization exploring an aspect of organizational behavior that interests them and is relevant to the chosen organization. The team’s role is to study the organization, analyze a global issue, and propose actions that solve the organizational problem. The focus of the project must be analytical and not merely descriptive.
The analysis will result in 2-page paper, APA formatted, which consists of a description of the organizational problem, evidence to support the diagnosis, and recommended actions to resolve the problem. The paper should reflect the team’s understanding of organizational behavior and human resource theories and

  • 2 citations per team member. The professor did not specify a certain amount of references but we are going to shoot for 10 references (peer-reviewed or credible news articles when possible)