While watching Susan Vogel’s “Future of Mud: A Tale of Houses and Lives in Djenné (2007)”, you were asked to keep the following in mind:

  • Generational and gender tensions
  • Perspectives on masonry and the materials used in construction
  • The presentation of exterior and interior spaces
  • Perspectives about the city of Djenné
  • Perspectives on the role of Islam
  • The influence of tourism and issues of heritage
  • The filmic techniques and strategies used to shape the narrative of the film

After watching the film, write a response (minimum 250 words; maximum 350 words) that fully addresses the prompt below.
Prompt: For your response to the discussion question, pick 2-3 topics (e.g. “Generational and gender tensions,” etc.) listed above. In your response, discuss:

  • Your initial reactions and/or thoughts to the film
  • How does the film address, illustrate, or make use of these 2-3 topics?
    • Be sure to discuss at least 1 example from the film for each of these topics
      • Consider: How are your chosen examples relevant to your selected topics?
  • Who do you think is the primary audience for this film? Why?
  • Optional: any questions that came up for you while watching this film