Respond to listed statements in at least 300 words each statement . Do you agree or disagree with the statement.
Statement 1:  Those released from prison and are returning to their communities face complex challenges. If those challenges are not met, the inmate returning home will be more likely to commit further criminal acts and return to prison
Statement 2:    The idea that “America is the land of Second Chance” aligns with America as the land of opportunity and free (Gideon & Sung, 2011). Our country was built on the promise of freedoms and second chances to those immigrating to have better lives. The biblical principle of forgiving enevitably leads to giving the person who is granted grace the opportunity to start fresh.  The King James Bible (1769) clearly advise that we remember not the former things or consider old things (Isaiah 43:18). To truly give someone a second chance we must allow them to start fresh.