Law homework help. Hi, need to submit a 250 words paper on the topic CAPITAL, LABOR, AND IMMIGRATION DURING THE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION. LABOR DURING THE EARLY INDUSTRIAL PERIOD September 6, Labor during the Early Industrial Period, WaltonRockoff Ch. 11 The educative nature of the article is crucial for me as it gives relevant information regarding the labor force during the nineteenth century. A good introduction on the changes in population that took place during that period is analyzed with possible causes given with keen interest on America. Satisfactory explanations and examples are well utilized to show the logic and economical effects and changes that led to a sudden increase in population during the nineteenth century (WaltonRockoff 209). I get a chance to understand the concept of industrialization and urbanization that had an enormous influence on the immigration. Agriculture was the main thing during that period, but major shifts took place after setting up of industries in different regions. Urban centers grew rapidly which led to the majority of the people to quit farming and seek in the upcoming industries such as the textile industry.Several questions are asked in the article with vivid descriptions and diagrams used to elaborate on the answer for better understanding of the topic of discussion. The sudden fall in the level of demand of both skilled and unskilled labor is analyzed with the use of supply and demand curve. In the beginning, demand of labor was high than the supply and thus better wages and readily available jobs but after some time supply of labor surpassed the demand. Reading through the article, I get a chance to know about the systems of employment that were used in hiring workers. The used techniques and systems were mainly to attract workers and therefore increase production.The discussion portrays crucial aspect in economics. Supply and demand among other concepts have great influence on market strategies and prices. The wages given to the workers had to be considered with the skilled labor paid more than the unskilled labor.

Law homework help