Law homework help. Need help with my writing homework on The Impact of Global Economic Crisis and Responses To it: The Case of Greece & Turkey. Write a 2500 word paper answering; Additionally, the country has 13 regions and 325 municipalities.Greece has a small population of approximately eleven million people with these statistics based on the latest census of 2011. The country’s capital city is Athens while the second largest city is Thessaloniki. The country’s official language is Greek while Christianity is the primary religion with a coverage of about 97 percent of the country’s population. There are other additional religions with Catholics, Muslim and Jewish religions taking up the remaining 3 percent. The main church in Greek is the Greek Orthodox Church.Generally, Greece has a hot and dry climate for its summers and cool and quite mild winters that is characteristic of the Mediterranean type of climate. In some parts such as the mountainous regions in the Greece mainland, snowfalls are not uncommon during the winter months.Greece is one of the most popular country in the circles of history today, especially with the greatest mathematicians and philosophers having originated here. The Classical and Hellenistic eras of the country, which were the eras when most of these academicians lived, left behind most of the basis in ideas, art and concepts used in most parts of the world today. The history of Greece is characterized by successions of invasions as well as dominations with various empires such as the Roman Empire, the Macedonian Empire and the Byzantine Empire all ended by the invasion of the Turks. The independent Greek State was incepted in 1830 following the end of the independence war.The modern day Greece saw numerous changes from the 1970s with the adoption of the Presidential Parliamentary Democracy after the country had suffered a 7-year dictatorship under the Constitutional Monarchy system.

Law homework help