Law homework help. ATTACHED THE CASE Thoroughly read the case and prepare a case analysis report. Please ensure that while analyzing the case, the following questions are incorporated as a part of the case analysis report: 1. Why did it take Quaker Oats/ PepsiCo so long to change this brand? 2. Discuss the timing of the decision to move away from Aunt Jemina.3. How are triple bottom line elements visible in this case? Where does it appear that the company has made tradeoffs?Organize your report as follows: • Introduction (Brief summary of the case – not more than 150 words)• Company Background (based on data in the case and from the company website; not more than 150 words) • Issue (based on discussion questions provided – Please name the sections appropriately) Evaluation of Issues• Suggested Alternatives• Conclusions• RecommendationsCOMPLETE PAPER: 1800 words; use external academic and relevant non-academic references to support your answers.You may like to explore the following resources for learning how to analyze a case and write a Case Analysis: 015.pdf

Law homework help