How Culture Influences Legal Traditions
Select a country from the list below and describe in a 1,000–1,250-word paper how the culture influenced the legal traditions that were formed within that country. Your paper should:

  • Compare      and contrast your chosen country’s legal system with the united states      legal systems.
  • Include      a Venn diagram illustrating the differences and similarities between the      systems.
  • Discuss      multiculturalism within your chosen country.
  • Address      how culture has impacted the development of the tradition.
  • Discuss      how tradition has impacted the development of the legal system.
  • Consider      if there have been any cultural or political changes in the last 10 years      that have affected the criminal justice system of the country.
  • Address      whether modifications should be made within the criminal justice system to      address differences among the various cultures including any modification      that have already been made, if any. Be sure to discuss actual culture      considerations and not just historical events.

Country list: Any country that is part of the United Kingdom, Iraq, China, Hong Kong, or Botswana
Visit Microsoft support for assistance with creating a Venn diagram.
Create a Venn diagram. Microsoft Support.
                                      PART 2 SEPERATE PAGES !!!!
                                        Legal Tradition- 1 PAGE
Critically discuss Australias country’s legal tradition impacts the development of the legal system and the United States.Be sure to specify the differences between legal traditions and legal systems and the cultural component of each. APA, REFERECES