Languages homework help. Create a 8 pages page paper that discusses us-israel foreign relations. “During the Cold War, the U.S. and Israel had a joint strategic interest in defeating aggressors in the Middle East seeking to invade their neighbors and disrupt the status quo, especially if they had Moscow’s backing. This became the essence of the U.S.-Israel alliance in the Middle East.” (Gold) Both America and Israel make use of each other whenever a possible threat arises against any of them. Moreover, both of them will justify other’s actions even if it is against international law. The United States has sacrificed its name as a democratic country for the sake of Israel. It has lost its credibility in the Middle East region and among the Muslim community all over the world because of their soft approach towards Israel. This paper analyses the depth of the US-Israel relationship in the past present and in the future. “Despite the widely-held tail-wagging-the-dog assumptions, history has shown that the United States has frequently used Israel to advance its strategic interests in the region and beyond, such as aiding pro-Western governments and pro-Western insurgencies, keeping radical nationalist governments like Syria in check and engaging in covert interventions in Jordan, Lebanon, and now Kurdistan”. (Zunes) Outsiders quite often confused about why the United States is sacrificing its interests for Israel. Many people believed that Israel is exploiting its ties with the US for its own merits rather than the US’s benefits. In fact, in most of the issues in the Middle East region, United States is staying at the backdrop and utilizing Israel’s aggressive approaches for its own advantages. The US doesn’t like the involvement of other superpowers in this region because of the immense natural wealth like oil and drinking water resources. Making use of Israel Unites States successfully blocked any foreign intrusion in this&nbsp.region.&nbsp.

Languages homework help