Languages homework help. Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Website Analysis.It has only used the phrases that must be used. This in itself sends a strong message. This tends to show that the company believes its their products, (Thomas and Stoddard 89).The website is easy to navigate. The key buttons are arranged horizontally on top of every page in the website. This means that a customer can access the index from any page of the entire site. The index is the first page of the website. It s also called the home page. In most websites, the index is accessed through a link button called home. The index is the image of the entire website. It shows a brief overview of the contents of the entire site and contains the main links. The website has a well thought out index with well labeled links, (Thomas and Stoddard 89), making it easy for any visitor to navigate through the website.The Apple website has multiple articles. A website with exceptionally few articles show the company is either small or the site development was in a hurry. This website has many informative articles. The information varies from the products, history of the apple company to their future plan, (Thomas and Stoddard 89). Some of these articles carry information that would not be found elsewhere. This leaves the audience feeling the website is worth their time.The apple website is not static. It contains dynamic data. It is easy to see images swapping, products blinking, and images of Apple products just as they appear in the market, (Thomas and Stoddard 89).Moreover, the website is truly interactive. It is possible to check the features of apple products from the website, e.g. apple laptops, imacs, etc. Then order for it through the same website. The website can simply interact with its audience and achieve the intended goal. It has a place for enquiring any issue concerning Apple and its product, (Thomas and Stoddard 89). These are plenty of resources to download, ranging from text to audio data content. This data is

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