Languages homework help. Complete 3 page APA formatted essay: FILM.They derived pleasure in living amongst themselves without interacting with outsiders. Children who were curious and asked endless questions about life beyond theirs, their parent made them belief that no life existed beyond margins of the community. No one ever left the Dinka society out of curiosity to verify the truth (Deng 75).Dinka children went through informal system of education. It was the responsibility of their parents to instill communal values in them. Parents taught the children to be strong, independent members of the community. At a tender age of six to five years, they had to learn cattle grazing and other related activities like milking. Livestock herding was the main source of livelihood. In addition, the community instilled in the children moral values through singing games. Strength, courage and prowess in fighting were valuable assets. These qualities made someone a warrior. After that, they married and later become village elder. Their lives revolved around this same circle. This is the traditional system of education. Although formal education existed around them through the missionaries, they did not regard western education as useful and applicable in their lives. In fact, it is only weak children who did not take care of the cattle that got admitted to formal schools, because they were not resourceful to the community. Apart from the weaklings, paramount chiefs and Christianized families admitted their children to schools too. However, everything came to an abrupt halt after war broke up in1987. Most of the Dinka children became homeless after forceful and tragic separation from their families. Young boys trekked for days to refugee camps in Ethiopia (Bixler 36). At the refugee camps, the young boys were subject to hard labor like cutting wood to build their shelter. In addition, they had no cattle to look after. Education became a privilege at the camps. The other boys envied the few

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