Languages homework help. I have completed a lot of the information on this, can you please help me write the actual message in a DM format? Thanks1.     Which scenario did you choose to write?2.     Describe the purpose of your bad news message scenario and why you chose it.3.     Who is affected by the situation and how? Why is it important to the reader of your message?4.     Describe the information, facts, and details you plan to include in your bad news message and how you plan to collect the information you still need.5.     Put this information in the order you will use it in your bad news message. Explain why you are choosing to present the information in this order.6.     Visualize the person you’re writing your bad news message to. What is your reader’srelationship to you? relationship to your organization? knowledge of the situation you’re writing about? attitude toward the situation? 7.     What questions might your reader have? Write 2-3 possible questions you can anticipate. After each question, write the answer.What are they going to do for me? Do they care about my complaint?8.     What personality traits of your reader do you need to consider before writing your bad news message?9.     Write the first two sentences of your bad news message here. Critique your peers’ sentences. What could they do better?10. What will you include in your closing paragraph? Be specific.

Languages homework help