John Wooden, Wooden on Leadership. John Wooden on Leadership I am informing the SAI that Wooden on Leadership by John Wooden is a book that demonstrates and shows leadership skills. John Wooden started his leadership in 1932 at football practice in Kentucky as the coach. He then went on to become head coach At UCLA in 1949. While at UCLA Wooden wrote his fifteen steps of leadership. Wooden’s pyramid of success not only helped his team, but his own life. The first block on the pyramid is to be industrious. Wooden grew up on a small farm and learned you had to be up early and work very late.
A normal person will complain when tired, but an industrious person will work hard and strive for the best that they can achieve. One should not want to stop when they can, but work all the way through until the job is done even if the person is tired and weak because they strive to complete whatever is needed. A person should be focused on the objective and not what they want to do later. While being industrious, a person also needs to have enthusiasm. As a leader a person must be filled with energy and love what they are doing. If a leader has enthusiasm for what they are doing their followers will too.
Being enthused can make or break whether the job is completed. A person’s enthusiasm can turn a boring or failing job into a well working successful accomplishment. A job should always be done with eagerness to show that you care. Friendship plays a big role in the success of leadership. A person should not bring or hold their “favorites” above any one when it comes to leadership just because they are your friend doesn’t make them the best person to complete your goal. A person should stay professional when around friends, but still treat the friends equal to the other subordinates.
Seek to find the strengths of friendships among the group and do what is necessary to keep the job going. Don’t judge a person’s ability to tribute to the team because you don’t know them as well as the others around you. When being the leader you should always show loyalty to a fellow member. When you show loyalty to you team, you will receive loyalty back. A leader has to search their people to find loyalty and gain their interest of wanting to succeed. When a person is in a group doing a job, they want to have loyalty spread through the effort.
A leader should not only be loyal to their group, but also themselves. To accomplish an objective a person must have cooperation with his/her people. Cooperation is the key to allowing a job to be complete. Nothing can be fully done without cooperation of a team. When cooperation is being executed the job becomes easier because more opinions allow for all the problems to be solved. When I becomes we more is done and more can be dealt with. A leader needs to have a lot of self-control to overcome challenges. Self-control makes a good leader because they set the example.
When a leader has self-control, it allows for the team to have self-control as well. Focusing on controlling yourself when times are hard in completing an objective by controlling yourself can make the outcome easier to obtain in the end. Self-control brings self-discipline which a leader has to show allowing the followers to have a person to reflect from. As a leader works with his/her followers they always need to have alertness. When a leader’s is gifted with alertness, it comes in handy on supervising if and when you need to switch out the jobs of your followers to allow the group to grow as one.
Alertness is essential to finding the trend, opportunities, and changes that can or should be made to make a better organization to complete what needs to be done. A leader must evaluate their team to know the advantages and disadvantages so the problem can be faced with the most critical way to strive and obtain the goal. A leader can have a potential weapon if he/she is alert on a constant basis. A leader must be a risk taker and strive for initiative. If a follower fails to take initiative then it falls back on the leader because the leader did not force the player to take initiative and run with it.
Failure is necessary to the initiative of ending with successfulness. A leader with initiative also has courage in that his/her group will strive to do the very best. A team that makes the most mistakes to complete the goal usually wins in the end whether it is winning a game or making the deadline. Without intentness the team would soon rather quit and give up on accomplishing what needs to be done. A leader with intentness may not complete all short term goals, but will make up double with the end result. If the leader makes a goal, it may take time because all good things will take time as well as willingness to make the goal.
Always fight for the best because you will always come out better in the end. Intentness will make a team strive even when times are hard and seem like all else fails. Conditioning all around is one of the centers of the thing that is demanded from a team. Not only physical condition, but mental plays a big part of the successfulness in a team. When a leader has conditioning all around, he can bend and squeeze his/ her way to show what is best for the team. A team uses moderation to condition the way things are done to allow the best way possible to prevail.
Condition from a leader can make a team grow together as one and always succeed. A team always needs skill as well as team spirit. Team spirit comes from the skill of the group. A team’s skill comes from each individual and they work together to succeed. Skill comes from each individual and the leader has to make everyone work together to complete the task. Team spirit only comes when a team’s skill works together. A team’s greatest strength is staying poise and having confidence. Poise is staying calm when under pressure and a leader should make his team just be their selves.
When a team is poise, they have confidence that they will strive for the best. A leader will always have confidence that his team will do the right thing. Being poise in every situation will, take a group succeed. Competitive greatness is the final step of the pyramid. Always be the best that you can be. Never settle for the least and always strive for the goal and completing the task. Wooden closes with saying that you always work with your team to be successful. A leader has to have these characteristics to be able to lead a group to complete their goals and be the best they can be.

John Wooden, Wooden on Leadership