International Development homework help. Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Researching Consumer Behavior.Consumer behavior research has found out that with people broadening their minds and the urge for doing something different from the rest of the people around them, have let to something termed as clothing optional cruise. Consumer enjoys fun and love to experience new things in their life. Freedom is one of the important aspects which have given rise to this research. The clothing optional cruises allow a member to experience freedom oh seas. These cruises are open to adults so they can strip away the stress of their life when on the cruise and experience something different. Consumer behavior aims to research on the issues that a consumer might face along with the ongoing trends. The main issue prevailing is stress and to avoid the stress people might go to any extend they want. People go for vacations, hangout with their love ones and so on. Freedom is one thing that was missing in the lives of the people and the future trend of enjoying life gave rise to the idea of offering clothing optional cruises.The most viable data that might be founded out that people do love when the marketers offer something new and different to the audience. People are actually bored of their daily routine so something new and existing would definitely arouse interest on the target audience. Clothing optional cruises have been popular since the 1970s but at recent times it has received a huge popularity. Because of the popularity of such an offering and since it has been accepted by the audience many companies have started to offer voyage on clothing optional.The strategies adopted by marketer were just to offer something that would be a medium of enjoyment for the people. There were already cruises and people were traveling on them but clothing optional cruises did excite the people and thus became a huge success. The cruises offer all the facilities and mostly sail to sunny locations such as Caribbean, Germany, and France where people could enjoy. Seeing people acceptance and

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