International Development homework help. I will pay for the following article The Rhetoric. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. &nbsp.Burke proposed that when we blamed others’ intention, we relied on ratios, which he described as the ‘dramatic pentad’ (Michelini, 23). Burke considered communication as a critical method of action. The “dramatism” approach seeks to explain his/her actions about language as a primary mode of action.In one of his books, Burke defined humanity as a “symbol-using animal” (Farnsworth 22). Burke tried to look at man as a failure if all the items he used in his day to day life were removed. He attempted to identify some of these items, such as books, maps, atlases, and magazines, which form man’s day-to-day life. These items are what shaped man’s view of what the world is. Without books, maps, magazines, and atlases, etc., the world would be seen as a less knowledgeable place. Burke argued that each system had its flowery language.Lloyd Bitzer had a different view on rhetoric. He saw rhetoric as a response to a given time and situation. Good rhetoric involves eloquent speaking and writing and one is expected to speak well on any topic assigned to him/her (Farnsworth 3). According to Bitzer, in any given rhetorical discourse, there must be a previous rhetorical situation. This given rhetorical situation sets direction on what should be done in any given case.&nbsp.Many circumstances exist, but not all of them may be defined critically as rhetorical. Speech may never rectify problems, but the action taken after is what will fix issues given. Bitzer focused on the aspect of time in speech. With this focus, he tried to focus on three factors that may form a rhetorical situation. First of all, Bitzer talked about the existence of problems in all nations but could not be changed or rectified by human touch. Among these problems is death. Bitzer looked at these problems from the point of persuasion, which involved the action of favorable modification. Bitzer viewed these problems as aspects that could not be avoided, but one could change these problems’ minds and views.In summary, Aristotle came up with three elements that characterized rhetoric, namely, ethos, which was seen as the credibility of the speaker to move masses. pathos, which was seen as the effective use of speech to change the audience perception. and logos, which was seen as the use of subjective reasoning to craft on argument.

International Development homework help