International Development homework help. 3. (8 marks) In rat coat colour, two independently assorting genes A and R interact as follows:A-R- Grey aaR- Black A-rr Yellow aarr CreamThe phenotypes are only observed in the presence of the dominant allele of a third independently assorting gene C. The recessive genotype cc for this gene causes albinism regardless of the genotype at the A and R genes. Four different homozygous albino strains are each crossed with a true-breeding Grey strain. They produce Grey F1 rats. The F1 rats in turn produce large litters of F2 rats in the proportion shown below:Albino Line 1: 9 Grey : 3 Black : 4 AlbinoAlbino Line 2: 3 Grey : 1 AlbinoAlbino Line 3: 9 Grey : 3 Yellow : 4 AlbinoAlbino Line 4: 27 Grey: 9 Yellow: 9 Black : 3 Cream : 16 AlbinoFor each cross state the genotype of each albino line. Give reasons for your conclusion, being sure to explain the observed F2 phenotypic ratios

International Development homework help