International Development homework help. Write 2 page essay on the topic Summary&Response.They spend a lot of time with technology and own gadgets such as iPod and other mobile devices and do most of their activities online. The authors further note that difference between the three categories offers advantages and conflicts. The digital natives have some techniques that captivate the older generation such as creativity in technology but also lack some fundamental aspects such as interpersonal skills. Technology also induces bad traits among the digital natives. Digital settlers are however in a better position to handle the digital natives who rely on online technology for their interpersonal interactions. Even though the digital natives depict different lifestyles from digital immigrants, some of the fundamentals are retained. Shared online music with playlist, for expressing affection, has for example substituted music cassettes with track lists. Acknowledging development that the digital natives have caused and potential improvements, the author notes that the technology use among digital natives must be handled with care because actions on it may either propel or destroy the society.The authors offer a rich description of the digital natives, their distinguishing characteristics from the digital immigrants and settlers, and effects on contemporary technology on the digital natives. This means existence of a gap between segments of the population with respect to use of technology.I agree with the authors position on these themes. First, experience with the digital natives exposes their extreme reliance on technology as they spend a lot of time on related devices. Interaction with them in public places and even in family even illustrates this as they are oftem immerced in the computerized devices, either chating with friends, updating status, or downloading online content. My personal experience in family occasions confirm this as family members, from

International Development homework help