I will pay for the following essay What effect does socioeconomic status have on the voting behavior of blacks. The essay is to be 17 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.rent paper focuses on the examination of the possible effects of socioeconomic status on the development of a particular voting behavior by black people. The literature and the empirical research presented throughout this paper prove that the voting behavior of black people around the world can be influenced by a series of factors. socioeconomic status has been found to have a role in the development of specific voting decisions by black people. Of course, the dependence of voting behavior on specific social, political and financial factors cannot be doubted. however, it seems that this influence is stronger in the case of minorities or people with a specific racial background. Regarding the structure of the specific paper it should be noticed that a general presentation of the factors influenced the voting behavior of the public is used in order to introduce the issue under examination and explain the reasons for which the effects of the socioeconomic status on the voting behavior of black people can have a long lasting effect.As already noticed above, the voting behavior of all people around the world is influenced by specific factors. The above phenomenon has been extensively studied in the literature and many different views have been stated. In accordance with Bass et al. (1998, online article) ‘it is important to consider the effect of residential mobility on registration and voting behavior. movers resemble stayers on motivational factors related to voting. the requirement that citizens must register anew after each change in residence constitutes a key stumbling block in the path of a trip to the polls (Squire, Wolfinger, Glass, 1987 in Bass et al., 1998, online article). In accordance with the above, the voting behavior of citizens can present different characteristics in accordance with the political and the social conditions of a particular era. in the same context, when specific factors are used in order to alternate the voting behavior of people

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