Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Reading Analysis of the article Memory Flexibility by Sadie F. Dingfelder, Monitor on Psychology, Sep. 2005.ided memory into are the short-term memory: a place where we hold information while we are working on it. and the long-term memory: a vast depository that contains all the knowledge that we are thinking about at that moment.The normal way in which our mind functions is first the acquisition of facts followed by the storage of facts and finally as and when needed or require them the retrieval of facts. This capacity of acquisition, storage and retrieval is hugely dependent on a number of stimuliand on the inherent abilities and/or disabilities of individuals concerned. For example, these processes may be enhanced in case of certain individuals and may be hampered in case of other individuals who have had an accident involving a head injury or a brain surgery or suffer from some illness like the attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder in children (ADHD) inducing retrograde amnesia.According to the research conducted by modern psychologists the functioning of the working-memory is flexible because its capacity can be enhanced and/or increased by undertaking certain custom designed tests or experiments. These experiments especially “nback” practices can help the ordinary individuals and those suffering from ADHD considerably improve their short-memory or working memory. This is not a mere assumption but something that has been proved beyond doubt.In the older context working memory was considered as a loading dock while according to the modern approach it is not a place but instead a status. Similarly, it is a confirmed view that working memory is limited as compared to long-term memory which is vast, but this limited capacity of working memory can be increased considerably by the process of chunking.A routine technique that is resorted to by psychologists while carrying tests on subjects to improve working memory is referred to as mnemonics: a technique which helps organize complex information into a small number of memory chunks much easier to retain

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