Complete 3 page APA formatted essay: Managing across cultures- Cross cultural different cultural backgrounds interact with each other, their behaviors are “interpreted” as members of a bigger culture such as class, ethnicity, gender, or even religion. When people from among a similar “larger” culture interact with each other, their behaviors are “interpreted” as part of a smaller culture such as family and community. In this paper, a group of individuals from a different culture will be observed to gain insights on how they interact with individuals from among their “own,” and how they interact with people from a different culture.For the assignment, a group of employees from a diner called “The Capital” were observed. The team consists of 5 Italian males from different age brackets. Two are judged to be from the mid-30s, two from between 40-45 years, and one who is around 60 years old. The 60 year old male is deemed to be the one who owns the diner, if judged from the way he issues orders to the other employees. Two of the employees take charge of getting the customers’ orders, while the remaining three cook or make the food. Taken generally, they all appear to be easygoing individuals who run the diner. They scream a lot among themselves — sometimes when informing the others of the orders given by the customers, and sometimes when throwing jokes to each other. They also seem to not have much rules going around the diner, as they can easily shift from screaming orders, to being tough, to throwing jokes to customers and to each other. It is not a rowdy place, however, despite all the noise from the loud voices talking at the same time most of the times.Stemming from a background where screaming is not a norm, the interaction among the Italians can easily appear aggressive. In the experiences during the course of the observation, there had been several instances when the loud voices took other people by surprise. From a personal viewpoint, these reactions were from people who do not know yet the atmosphere in

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