International Development homework help. Hello, so I need to assign the hybridizations for a molecule.I remember from lecture, our prof said that if there is possibility of delocalization of electrons through resonance that can lead to formation of a double bond on one atom, that atom’s hybridization will be an SP2 instead of an SP3. I have attached pictures of two molecules as examples. however, when I was watching “the organic chemistry tutor”s video on this topic, he did not consider this and assigned SP3 to the N atom. could you please assign the hybridization on N atom in the two pictures and explain to me how I can determine this by myself? thank in advanceA famous drug which is marketed for itsfamous “side effect”… Assign hybridizations!This chemicalRosmula belongs to viagra. a-72CH32ZspeHaC- N:ZIO2Sp2CH32CH3hiliteresonance

International Development homework help