Information Systems homework help. Research a minimum of five articles on the challenges faced by healthcare organizations and healthcare providers when adopting electronic health records. Consider these challenges from the context of the plan to adopt electronic health records in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by describing the current Health Information System (HIS) state, migration plan, and future HIS state of healthcare proposed in the Saudi Vision 2030 and Ministry of Health. Explain how this strategy supports the mission, vision, and values of Saudi Vision 2030. Summarize the benefits to the Saudi patients, healthcare organizations, and healthcare providers.

Your well-written paper should meet the following requirements:

  • Be 5 pages in length, which does not include the title and required reference pages, which are never a part of the content minimum requirements.
  • Use Saudi Electronic University academic writing standards and APA style guidelines.
  • Support your submission with course material concepts, principles, and theories from at Five scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles.
  • Provide support for your statements with in-text citations from a minimum of five scholarly, peer-reviewed articles.

Information Systems homework help