Information Systems homework help.

You finished your market analysis (Assignment 1), sent out your requests for proposal (Assignment 2), and selected a company to design your website. Now you are the company that is creating the website based on your RFP submitted in Assignment 2.

Even if you have never done this before, you should find it intuitive and fun.

Use free web-based site creation applications such as,, or others such as, or No programming/coding skills required. Recommendation: Watch tutorial videos before choosing a website builder application.

Research good website practices before you begin. You are expected to use typical navigation, content and aesthetics practices. Make it an e-commerce site that would catch a visitor’s eye and provide website stickiness –

Your site should

  • Follow the requirements from your RFP
  • Be professional-looking
  • Contain your own content about your products and your company
  • Provide images and pricing of the items you are selling
    (3 – 4 items on a page is sufficient).

    • Can contain stock photos from the website
  • Can contain your own photos
  • Be ‘published’ – to share URL
  • Contain your own words/context to fit your business model/vision
  • Provide a checkout feature (non-functional). You can use the ‘shopping cart’ image but don’t pay for any feature.


  • Direct your site to any outside pages
  • Copy from any other source unless you cite your source(s) as per the APA lecture in week one
  • PAY to publish your site or pay for any features. This assignment should not cost you anything
  • Copy from any other source unless you cite your source(s) as per the APA lecture in week one in (including pictures from other sites).


  1. Copy and paste the URL of your website into the textbox found within Assignment 3 page.
  2. Upload the RFP (Assignment 2), to match up RFP / criteria / requirements with the site you designed.
  3. IF you have any problems finishing or uploading your work, please email to me by the due date. Late work is not accepted but partial work can still earn you some points.

Information Systems homework help