Your project assignment is a two-part assignment. The first portion is a response to a series of questions from organizational leaders. To determine and justify the appropriate cloud-service. The second part of the assignment
Contoso Corp has decided to make the decision to move some department information systems to the cloud. Below are the conversations with the department leaders. Prepare a written response for each of the department leader. Your response must also include justification of your solution based on research.

  1. Human Resources Director
    1. Our HR platform is proprietary, resides in our datacenter server, and we want to continue using it. We would like to continue to the use the system as it is in the Cloud. The company that supports the product explain that they must have remote access to the Windows Server to make updates.
  2. CIO
    1. Since the organization has decided to shift to the cloud, I thought this would be a great opportunity to address user login security. We had a successful attack in which attackers were able to brute force a password and login in from Australia. We do not conduct business outside of the US and would like a cloud-based service that can notify or even block a user from logging in overseas.
  3. Legal Department Director
    1. Since we are a federal entity, we must ensure that our chosen service provider complies with the protection of federal information. What cloud service provider can you recommend and how do we know that they offer compliance with US government protection standards?


  1. Review the attached service level agreement (SLA) and address the following points.
    1. Outline the purpose of an SLA
    2. After examining the attached SLA discuss any missing elements and be sure to support your assertion with research
    3. Discuss at least two additional SLA considerations that Contoso should make based on the solution you selected in Part I