1) APA 6th Ed format
2 ) Due 28 Dec
3) 3-4 Pages (not including title page and references)
4) 4 References Included(must watch/use 4 linked videos)
5) Plagiarism-Free
For this module you’ll be checking into a very extensive and useful online tutorial set from Microsoft:
Learning Resources
Video Series: SQL Server 2005 Express Edition for Beginners
This video series is designed specifically for SQL Server beginners—individuals who are interested in learning the basics of how to create, manage, and connect to SQL Server Express databases. Whether you’re just a beginner or somewhat familiar with databases, these video lessons will help you get better acquainted with SQL Server 2005 Express.
The series includes almost 9 hours of video-based instruction that walks SQL Server beginners through the steps of learning about SQL Server databases to actually connecting a SQL Server database to a Web application. Select your starting point below based on your skill set.
There are 13 Learning Videos in the set. Obviously, we don’t expect you to get through the entire set, even spread across two modules. However, for this Module you should be able to get through at least the first two parts (4 videos):
Learning Video 1: What is a database?
Learning Video 2: Understanding Database Tables and Records
Learning Video 3: More about Column Data Types and Other Properties
Learning Video 4: Designing Relational Database Tables
Once you have completed your exploration of the tutorial, to finish the project for this module you are to prepare a short report covering the following topics:

  • a comprehensive review of what the tutorial teaches
  • a thorough report on what you learn specifically from the tutorial
    (note: the first two topics should be at least 75% of your write-up)
  • how good a job the tutorial does, who might find the tutorial useful, and any other aspect of the tutorial that you think a reader might find useful

Your paper should be three to four pages in length, and reflect your personal experiences with this issue. The important part of all these project assignments is to carefully assess your own experiences with the topic, and then reflect critically on what you might have learned about yourself and about situations through this assessment process.