The final aspect of your Course Project consists of presenting to your colleagues during an all-team collaborative. Dr. Rasmussen has sent an email to the entire team requesting everyone’s engagement at the all-team collaborative that is entitled, “Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Collectively Fulfilling Our Mission”. This all-team collaborative, or professional development activity, is where everyone is responsible for developing a 7-10-minute PowerPoint in which you will discuss your learning throughout the past six weeks. PowerPoint Presentations should focus on the following five guiding themes:

  • Self-Reflective Practice: Moving Forward
  • Applying Cultural Diversity with Disadvantaged Groups
  • Defining Cultural Humility in Human Services Practice
  • Engaging Diverse Client Populations Through Cultural Humility
  • Celebrating Multiculturalism Through Community Engagement

Slide Count: Develop a 10-12 slide PowerPoint covering the bulleted information above. Keep lines within each slide at a minimum (6-8 lines). Also, please use the speaker notes (the white box beneath each slide) to provide detailed information related to each slide.
APA Requirement: All facts should be cited with a parenthetical in-text citation throughout your work, in addition to, the inclusion of a Reference Page.