20F – Reflective Journal Assignment (30%)
 Career and Leadership Development

The purpose of this assignment is to reflect and relate the topics from class to your Work Integrated Learning (WIL) experiences. This is a very personal account of your life during your WIL. You must be SPECIFIC in your description of the situations that you deal with – including your actions and reactions to others. You also must apply lessons gained from material provided to reflect on your own behaviour and experiences.
Each entry should be 2-4 paragraphs in length. There will be seven entries in all by the end of the semester, so expect a 5-6 page report (but it can be longer). The seven entries are described in more detail below, and must consist of: (1) introductory entry, (4) topical entries, (1) entry related to your professional and personal development since the college closed due to COVID-19, and (1) concluding entry. When submitting your assignment, please put all seven entries into ONE document, with headings for each section/entry. Please double-space your document using Arial 12pt font. You may add pictures and images in order to enhance your written material.
Introductory entry (1 entry): Discuss the job, location, duties, schedule, supervisor, teammates, etc. What were your first impressions? Did you feel comfortable right away or did you have a big learning curve to adjust to the new position and responsibilities? What type of training did you receive?
Topical entries (4 entries total – choose 4 units to write about):
For four of the six course units listed below, you will write entries using the weekly topics of the unit and relate it to your own WIL experiences. You will have a total of 4 topical entries relating to your choice of four of these six units:
Unit 02 – Professional and Ethical Behaviour in the Workplace Unit 03 – Goal Setting
Unit 04 – Your Role in the Workplace Unit 05 – Career Development
Unit 06 – Examine Workplace Relationships Unit 07 – Leadership at Work
You need to be specific both in describing your scenarios and in how the class discussions/content relate. The more reflective you are, the better the result.
Professional and personal development since COVID-19 (1 entry): Consider your desired career and the job uncertainties that you face in the near future. Think about the challenges you have encountered since the college closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic. What have you done to develop yourself professionally so that you stand out when the hospitality industry bounces back? Have you taken an online course, pursued an additional certification, or volunteered to improve your service/team-building skills? Explain what you have done and how you think it will help you differentiate yourself in future job interviews. If you are yet to engage in professional development, think about your personal development. Are you more motivated to find ways to
differentiate yourself from other applicants? Do you have any short-term goals or a plan as to how you will go about doing this? Explain and provide examples as needed.
Conclusion (1 entry): What did you accomplish? How did you feel about the experience? Were there any special projects you completed? What is next for you?
You may certainly use the names of your co-workers, as this is a private document for academic purposes and will remain confidential. However, you must remember to keep it professional.
Please follow these guidelines when writing your entries:

  • Comprehension and originality – is it easy to follow and understand the scenarios being documented? Is it clearly your thoughts?
  • Is it specific – is the situation being discussed in detail or is it general and vague?
  • Relation to class content/discussion – are the topics and lessons learned used to relate to the situation being discussed?
  • Is professional language used throughout?