Use at lease 5 sources for reference.
After researching a corporate scandal—that of Volkswagen, Wells Fargo, or whomever else—write a paper that addresses the following questions:

  • According to your research, what did the relevant corporation do—or fail to do? (Cite at least one reputable outside source here.)
  • In your opinion, why was this scandalous? (Apply at least one ethical theory here.)
  • According to your research, how did the corporation respond? (Cite at least one reputable outside source here.)
  • In your opinion, was the corporation right to respond as it did? (Apply at least one ethical theory here.)

Assuming that it is double spaced, your paper should be no fewer than three and no more than five pages long. Seriously, do not go beyond these limits. Part of the point of this assignment is to learn to write a convincing argument—and no argument will be convincing unless it is clear and to the point.
Since it will be graded blindly, do not put any identifying information in your paper. Really, it should not have a heading at all—though a title is okay.
As you write your paper, remember to put everything in your own words. At no point in your writing process should you be copying and pasting anything from the internet into your paper. The only exceptions would be quotations, which are fine so long as they are clearly indicated with quotation marks and accompanied by citations.
On that note, be sure to cite at least one reputable outside source in your paper. (Examples of reputable sources are The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.) Certainly your textbook shouldn’t be the only source that you cite!
Last—but not least—be sure to apply at least one ethical theory to the relevant scandal. (Examples of ethical theories are virtue ethics and care ethics.) Of course, it wouldn’t hurt to apply several!