Human Resource Management homework help.

  1. Student1- The text describes performance management as a “continuous process of identifying, measuring, and developing the performance of individuals and teams and aligning performance with the strategic goals of the organization” (Aguinis 2019, Page 4).Top leadership such as the CEO can help support the performance management efforts by setting specific business objectives that align the team goals with the organizational goals. An example of a specific change that could be made is a culture change. Within the example of our text, the CEO of Sears realized that the company needed to adjust their focus from an inward focus to a customer service approach in order to improve sales. Another specific change that was made was to ensure “entrepreneurial spirit” was alive for the managers at Sears. With these required changes, the daily tasks of the employees within Sears adjusted to align with it. An example of a daily task adjustment was to make sure the employees spent less time in the back room and were on the floor helping customers in order to promote more face-to-face interaction. In short, top leadership must ensure they are always evaluating their company’s financial performance in order to shape the structure of the performance management system

2. Student2- As per the text, the goals of the company should be at the helm of a performance review (Aguinis, 2019). Restricting performance evaluations to be based on employee results can make it easier for the manager to conclude if the employee’s contribution is in alignment with the strategic goals of the organization. For instance, reviewing the failed or reached quotas of an employee will allow a manager to clearly see if the employee is assisting the company in attaining a company quota.
On the contrary, using solely employee behavior to assess performance can distance the focus of company strategic goals. An employee can simultaneously have unfavorable behavior habits and be a true asset to the company. If a manager simply focuses on those aspects of the behavior, the manager is failing to recognize the actions that are aligning with company goals.
Looking solely at the results of the employee allows a manager to attain a clear look at what is most important. Put simply, it cuts right to the chase.
3. Student3- The performance management system is extremely crucial for recruitment and the hiring process. In order to fully understand what the needs of the company are and what skills are lacking in current employees, the performance management system allows them to figure out what areas they need improvement on. In the textbook it discusses the idea that “utilizing the current and future talent is very important in deciding what types of skills are currently within the company and what might be lacking in the organization.” Once they have this intel, they are able to recruit specifically for departments that might be very busy or for areas that need improvement. In the past working for an art design company, we had a lot of need for additional staff. Having these performance meetings was a great opportunity to plead your case and explain what needed to be added to the team and what could be worked on. Unfortunately we did not have a human resources department as it was a small company. Speaking with the owners and explaining  the situation at times proved to be difficult. Another aspect where a disconnect might occur is an unbalanced work distribution. Being in group of eight project managers, the work was almost never spread out evenly. At times it would be so busy for myself and it felt like I wasn’t doing my job, while others with smaller work loads were able to get things done much more efficiently. This not only caused a lack of appropriate amount of workers, but ultimately effected the entire system of tracking the performance management. Once the pandemic hit a lot of us were let go due to lack of work, which is ironic due to how busy we were just a month or two prior. The pandemic greatly effected the hospitality industry and to my knowledge any systems in place to hire or track employees progress has completely stopped. In smaller companies it can be difficult to truly get a grasp on utilizing these processes, or at least that has been my experience.

Human Resource Management homework help