Diversity Hiring Policy: Part II
The final project will consist of three separate assignments that focus on identifying the need for a diversity hiring policy within law enforcement agencies. Part II asks you to develop the recruiting, hiring, and training components of the policy.
Law Enforcement Organizations face an increasing struggle with hiring police officers. Additionally, there is a need to consider assembling a police force that resembles the communities that are being served. An increased focus on civil liberties, the rise to prominence of advocacy groups such as Black Lives Matter and police-involved shootings have all combined to create an urgency for law enforcement agencies to be responsive to the need for diversity within the force.
For this Part II of the assignment you will continue your search of best practices for diversity hiring, conduct at least one interview with a law enforcement leader, and find at least two peer-reviewed articles that address the need for and practice of, hiring for diversity. Your interview may be telephonic if that is more convenient and should include the following questions, at a minimum:

  1. Do you have a specific policy for hiring for diversity?
  2. Do you feel there is a need for such a policy?
  3. Does the policy address recruiting, hiring and training?
  4. If #1 is yes, how does your agency assess the policy’s efficacy?
  5. If #1 is no, do you have any plans for such a policy?
  6. What have been the impacts of your policy?

Beyond the interview(s), Part II requires you to develop a recruiting plan that identifies goals for diversity hiring, specific measures for achieving the goals, and includes the individual elements that make up the hiring process.  Examples of this include psychiatric examination and written testing. Finally, this assignment asks you to address academy training and any specific components that would address diversity within the curriculum.
Part II should be 3-5 pages, written in APA format, and include the aforementioned two peer-reviewed references and at least one interview with a law enforcement leader.
The Diversity Hiring Policy: Part II is to be submitted by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 5.