Describe some potential harm that employees could experience as the result of participating in organizational research. How might a researcher mitigate these risks?
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As we all conduct research within the primary targeted organization, there are risk that one si ether putting them selves into or exposing them to. There are five risks that seem to be the primary risk of conduction such research that wel all need to mindful of. Looking at physical Risk, can be part of physical discomfort pain, or injury that is caused by methods or testing taking place during the research. These can be from the engagement of the environment on the subject, that creates such physical risk. The one that seems would be most predominate would be the social risk, as we conduct the research one may find out that there is a disadvantage reviled, or embarrassment. These can cause stressors and anxiety and results to low self-esteem, that in turn leads to psychological risk. During these times the subject then can in turn have a lost of confidentiality of the research as some information was private and turns public knowledge. Of the data is misused can create distrust and needs avoided. Lastly is the legal risk as we conduct research. We must ensure were conduction such research and applicable methods that meets the law. We cannot subject bodily harm to test subjects, or we will face civil liability.