GCE Assignment (10%)

 Career and Leadership Development
This assignment has two parts. Part A requires you to explore the definition of citizenship as well as identify the types of citizens as discussed in this unit: the personally responsible citizen, the participatory citizen, and the justice-oriented citizen. Part B asks students to consider the notion of the “ideal” citizen. Use the content from this week (lecture material, the article summary, and the summary chart) to guide you as you work through this assignment.

  1. In 1-2 paragraphs, respond to the following prompt: “What kind of citizen am I?” Give two examples to support your choice(s). At least one example must relate to your Work Integrated Learning (WIL) experiences so far. If you identify as more than one kind of citizen, support each type with one example, making sure at least one example relates to your

(5 marks)

  1. All three models for citizenship encapsulates a successful and responsible community. These kinds of citizens do not stand as one grounding model. They each display a strength that the other lacks. This being said, try to formulate the notion of an “ideal” citizen. What does this mean to you? In 2-3 thoughtfully-written paragraphs, describe at least 5 types of thoughts, traits, characteristics, behaviours, actions, ideas and/or values, of the “ideal” citizen. Your answer should pertain to your WIL experiences as much as possible. Use the questions below to help you along with your thinking.


  • What type of person makes a community a good place to live and work?
  • How would an ideal community member affect where you live and work?
  • How would an ideal community member act and behave? What might they think and value?

(5 marks)

Assignment Instructions: Your assignment must be typed in Arial font size 12 as well as double-spaced. The assignment is to be submitted via the Assignment Folder (Dropbox) on our course page. Visit the assessment page for due dates.