How Great Websites Help Improve Your Business. Take a look at the websites for Harley-Davidson (www. harley-davidson. com), Yamaha (www. yamaha-motor. com), and Indian (www. indianmotorcycle. com). Who are their potential customers? How is each of these companies appealing to their potential customers? Are they using emotion, facts, comparisons, etc? How effective do you believe each of them to be? Harley Davidson (www. harley-davidson. com) Who doesn’t know Harley Davidson? It is a popular American motorcycle manufacturer. Also known as H-D or Harley founded in 1903 by William Harley and Walter, William, and Arthur Davidson, who built their first three motorcycles in a shed in Milwaukee.
Harley sells heavyweight which is over 750 cc motorcycles designed for traveling on highways. It was one of two major American motorcycle manufacturers to survive the Great Depression during the first decade of 20th century. Harley-Davidson has come a long way since filing for bankruptcy in 1986 once the company realized how to connect with potential customers. According to Ken Schmidt, Harley-Davidson’s former director of communication said that they don’t compete with hardware which only creates pricing pressure. Instead, they use the hardware as protection and the process behind it as their weapon.
Their weapon of choice is getting potential customers to like them more than their competitors. From a hardware and utility perspective, everything does the same thing, so Harley do business with people, brands and organizations they like. Schmidt also said “When all things are the same and we feel no inclination to do business with one particular company over another, we buy from whoever is willing to sell us a cool piece of hardware at the lowest price. We are all consumers; the things we buy, the reasons we buy them, regardless of how much we spend, do not make sense. Notice our customer is one of the key points in doing business. Harley-Davidson sale person continuously ask potential customers what that they really wanted and produce that product and sell it to them at a profit. Harley-Davidson brings motorcyclists together to create social network. Today there are 1,300 Harley dealers worldwide, 650 of which are in United States. The group are getting larger. The sales person refers the customers as a friend. The customer feels good once you treat them like a friend.

By this they will go out and spread the word which create a bigger chain of ‘friends’ around the world. Current customers have told Harley-Davidson’s management to keep the identity, look and sound of the motorcycles because they are unique. When customers view are heard and accepted it develop greater brand loyalty, creating customer experience that is unique and valuable. Harley-Davidson ranging from CEO and sales person maintained personalised relationships with customers through face to face and social media contact. They use advertising nationally about four to five television commercials a year.
These commercials are recognised because they are advertising the company not the product. They also advertised in national magazines such as Road ; Track, Popular Science, and Fortune as well as specific motorcycle magazines as Easy Rider. Locally, individual Harley-Davidson dealers advertise on the radio and through direct mail. Internet is a great and fast way to promote as it reaches the entire world. Harley owners can find new product where new customers are able to see what products Harley-Davidson has to offer and can compare the price with similar products.
The more information the public can get the more chances of a potential customer. The purpose of Harley-Davidson’s mass media advertising is to inform and remind which move customers from ignorance to awareness. The plant’s maintenance organization is a strong proponent of: * Technology * A focus on detail and root causes * Team concepts * Communication and sharing By effectively using these “tools,” says lead maintenance reliability engineer Dana Fluet, “We are moving toward being 100 precent proactive and having zero fire-fighting. It’s the way that we’re doing business at Harley-Davidson. As a result for the full year 2012, Harley-Davidson continues to forecast a five – seven percent increase in motorcycle shipment compared to last year, 2011. Companies can build customer relationships at many levels, depending on the nature of the target market. Harley-Davidson established the Harley Owners Group (HOG) in 1983 which gives Harley riders a way to share their common passion of “making the Harley-Davidson dream a way of life” HOG also build on the strong loyalty and community of Harley-Davidson enthusiasts as a means to promote not just a consumer product, but a lifestyle. HOG members typically spend 30% more han other Harley owners, on such items as clothing and Harley-Davidson-sponsored events. HOG went international in 1991, with the first official European HOG Rally in Cheltenham, England. Today, more than one million members and more than 1400 chapters worldwide make HOG the largest factory-sponsored motorcycle organization in the world. HOG benefits include two magazines (Hog Tales and Enthusiast), a HOG Touring Handbook, a roadside assistance program, a specially designed insurance program, theft reward service, a travel center, and a “Fly & Ride” program enabling members to rent Harleys while on vacation. . http://www. sema. org/sema-enews/2010/13/sema-show-seminar-how-harley-davidson-reinvented-itself 2. http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Harley-Davidson 3. http://www. scribd. com/doc/2670384/Harley-Davidson-Analysis 4. http://www. scribd. com/doc/19943405/Harley-Davidson-Case-Study 5. http://catalogue. pearsoned. co. uk/assets/hip/gb/hip_gb_pearsonhighered/samplechapter/0273755021. pdf 6. Text Book Principle of Marketing Thirteenth edition Yamaha (www. yamaha-motor. com)
Genichi Kawakami was the first son of Kaichi Kawakami, the third-generation president of Nippon Gakki (musical instruments and electronics; presently Yamaha Corporation). He was the second Kawakami to join the Nippon Gakki Company. He explored producing many products, including sewing machines, auto parts, scooters, three-wheeled utility vehicles including motorcycles. Market and competitive factors led him to focus on the motorcycle market. Genichi actually visited the United States many times during this period. “If you are going to make it, make it the very best there is. With these words as their motto, the development team poured all their energy into building the first prototype, and ten months later in August of 1954 the first model was complete. It was the Yamaha YA-1. The bike was powered by an air-cooled, 2-stroke, single cylinder 125cc engine. Yamaha continued to grow. They have diversity products including snowmobiles, race kart engines, generators, scooters, ATVs, personal watercraft and more. Genichi Kawakami step up for Yamaha Motor Company’s success with his vision and philosophies.
His total honesty towards the customer and making products that hold their own enables the company that serves people in thirty-three countries, to provide an improved lifestyle through exceptional quality, high performance products. Yamaha motor has expended to Star motorcycles, Sport, Outdoors, Watercraft and Marine. Now Yamaha motor has more than 400 dealers across the country and now they are planning to spread out to more cities increasing its dealer network to 2000 by 2018. To be on top you have to know your customer.
Genichi once said, “I believe that the most important thing when building a product is to always keep in mind the standpoint of the people who will use it. ” An example of the commitment to “walking in the customers’ shoes” was the move in 1966 by Yamaha to continue its expansion. John Bayliss who is the Motorcycle Product Manager of Yamaha Motor Canada Ltd said “The new FJR1300 is attracting lots of very positive feedback. A number of customers have already stepped up and left deposits with our dealers, without even seeing the bike in person! It tells us that the designers and engineers have done a great job and satisfied customers need.
Yamaha motor website makes the customer easy to find what they want. Yamaha motor also created a link ‘My YAMAHA’ is for you. By becoming a member of ‘My Yamaha’ customer will have access to many exclusive member benefits such as build a customised web page and set as your browser’s home page, Create & Save accessorised ATVs in any of the Build-Your-Own sections, Build & Save a Wish List for Genuine Yamaha Parts and Accessories and also customer can view and print vehicle Maintenance Schedules & Services Specifications back from year 2002.
Yamaha motor also offer Pro Yamaha Motorsports dealer. A Pro Yamaha Motorsport dealer is a customer satisfaction focused dealership that has consistently excelled in providing customer with the best sales experience, the best service experience and the best ownership experience. By ‘Walking in customers shoes’ slogan it will make Yamaha motor understand the needs of customer by this they will deliver faster and better. By having more products in the market, it will be easier for people to know your brand. 1. www. amaha-motor. com 2. http://www. presidion. com/industry_solutions/commercial/materials/case_studies /Yamaha%20Motor%20Europe. pdf 3. http://cars. sulekha. com/yamaha-motors-expand-their-dealership-network-in-maharashtra_car_news_2935 4. http://www. yamaha-motor. com/sport/myyamaha/login/L3Nwb3J0L215eWFtYWhhL2hvbWUuYXNweA==/starthere. aspx Indian Motorcycle (www. indianmotorcycle. com) The Indian motorcycle was originally founded as the Hendee Manufacturing Company by George M. Hendee in 1897 who manufacture bicycles.
They renamed the Indian Motocycle Manufacturing Company in 1928. Carl Oscar Hedstrom joined in 1900. Both of them are former bicycle racers and manufacturers. They teamed up to produce a motorcycle in Hendee’s home town of Springfield. It was successful and the sales increased drastically during the next decade. In April 2011, Polaris Industries purchased Indian Motorcycle Company. Backed by $2 billion Company, the customer can expect the confidence of the Polaris engineering team, vision, quality and performance to be delivered in the classic Indian Motorcycle.
Now, Polaris is redesigning Indian bikes from a clean sheet of paper to capture the spirit of the Chief and other Indians from a half-century ago, but to use a modern engine and other components to make the bikes rider-friendly. With the slow economy, Indian had a tough road due to a restricted and high end line of motorcycles. Polaris, on the other hand is far more expanded and able to weather the current market conditions. This could be a good combination for both companies This store also carries many ranges of back seats, decorative trim, leather jackets, hats, shirts and more.
Customers and fans can join a rewards membership program for added benefits, events and discounts. We use mobile toolboxes & equipment to set up a fabrication shop under canopy for customers to get a unique & personal experience in the techniques. There are hundreds of events held all over the country each year. Indian motorcycle show potential customers that the modifications & builds can be done without huge machines & million dollar facilities, they can get their local dealer to do the modifications or even do some themselves.
They even do small workshops for potential & existing customers. This can help to change customer thinking. In Indian Motorcycle website it stated RIDE PROUD. RIDE INDIAN. Indian Motorcycle is determined to deliver a premium experience to riders around the world. Indian Motorcycle is looking for a select dealer business operator that will proudly represent their brand while assuring a premium buying and ownership experience for consumers. Understanding what customers need in a purchase experience is critical in meeting the needs of the market.
We spent a substantial amount of time talking with motorcycle riders to understand what they want from their dealer. This understanding was the basis for the store design and dealership operational expectations. The customer experience is paramount in the success of the Indian Motorcycle brand and a profitable dealership. Indian Motorcycle store branding was established directly from what consumers told us and what they expected when shopping for a premium motorcycle. These riders want an open environment that allows enough room to walk between the motorcycles.
They do not want to have to walk through or around other products to get to the bikes. Having an adequate selection of apparel and accessories is also very important to their potential consumers. The store layout and design will give customers a premium shopping experience that is constant with their expectations. This look and feel will be consistent in the dealerships, at major motorcycling events, and all other consumer and public interactions with Indian Motorcycle. In addition to the dealership location and shopping environment, customers also have expectations about how they should be treated.
They want to be able to sit on the motorcycles, start the motorcycles, and take a test ride. It is important to them to be able to feel firsthand how the motorcycle performs and fits their riding style. These riders want to be able to have conversations with a knowledgeable staff that listens and responds properly. They want the staff to be motorcycle buffs that understand motorcycle riders. Indian motorcycle training, support, and operational standards will help ensure a positive “frictionless” interaction with our consumers.
With the development of this strategy, they also understand the need to align with the right partners in the market. Indian Motorcycle dealers will need to understand and embrace the “Ride Proud, Ride Indian” culture. They should understand that that they are making an investment in their future with Indian Motorcycle. They will be expected to maintain the highest level of respect for the Indian Motorcycle brand and the Indian Motorcycle rider. Indian Motorcycle gathers and uses your personal information to run the Indian Motorcycle Web site and carry out the services you have requested.
They also use your personally identifiable information to inform you of other products or services available from Indian Motorcycle and its associates. Indian Motorcycle may also contact you via surveys to conduct research about your opinion of current services or of potential new services that may be offered. Indian Motorcycle keeps track of the websites and pages that customers visited within Indian Motorcycle in order to decide what Indian Motorcycle services are the most popular. This data is used to deliver modified content and advertising within Indian Motorcycle to customers that are interested in a particular subject area.
Indian Motorcycle is an iconic brand with a proud legacy and a bright future. We will offer Indian Motorcycle Brand training to ensure that all dealership appreciate the legendary heritage of Indian Motorcycle and the brand that they have been entrusted to help steward and grow. Training will also be provided to be certain that dealership personnel understand who the customer is and what they expect in a finest shopping experience. 1. http://www. indianmotorcycle. com/en-us/pages/home. aspx 2. http://www. phatridez. biz/Polaris. html 3. http://thekneeslider. com/polaris-buys-indian-motorcycles/

How Great Websites Help Improve Your Business