The midterm paper should meet the following guidelines:  3 pages, double spaced, 12pt font and must answer the following question:
Which of the issues discussed and evaluated so far, do you consider the most significant issue and why?

Discussion: Reconstruction: Do you think the KKK should be protected by the First Amendment?


Discussion: Industrialization: Should the government have acted sooner in the 19th century to regulate businesses?  How well do you feel our government does now regulating business?  Since we have seen growing gaps between the rich and poor in our own times, do you feel it was a greater or more dire condition in the 19th century?  Or do you feel like it is a more pressing and significant issue today?


Discussion: The West: Do we still try to force assimilation today? To what degree do we restrict diversity in our society and who are the key targets? Have we really changed our policies or treatment of Native Americans? How do you think the Dakota Pipeline controversy will be viewed by historians 100 years from now?


Discussion: Progressive Era: Which issue to do think was most significant? What group do you think had the most success? Did we solve some of the major ones? Which ones are still of great concern today? What strategies could we take and use to bring about change today? If you had one issue you would want to see resolved and were able to act, which one would it be and which tactic would you use?


Discussion: Imperialism: Do you feel the US was more motivated by the ideals or the economic benefits at the turn of the century? Do you believe the press still plays a role in our foreign policy decisions? Do you believe we still adhere to those ideals or have we completely moved away from them? Are we guided more by our economic needs than our missionary zeal?


Discussion: The 1920s: which development of the 1920s do you think resulted in the greatest change? How would you argue Americans handled that change? Do you think Americans today have difficulty accepting change? Do we embrace change more or resist it? What examples can you cite to support your argument?


Discussion: World War I: Do you agree with the dissenters? Is the government ever really justified in taking away the rights we have in the Bill of Rights? What about today and the Patriot act? What about our rights against unlawful search and seizure? Do you agree that the government can and does use fear from time to time? I am including a couple of propaganda images below. The US was not alone in creating these, all countries did. But this is our country, discuss!

All good papers should include an introductory paragraph in which you state which issue you feel is most significant and perhaps a few reasons why, body paragraphs in which you elaborate on each of those reasons in more detail and a conclusion paragraph in which you restate your strongest point.  Papers will be graded on the quality of the writing, the organization and the strength of your critical thinking argument.