History 1111.   
• Answer both questions shown below
– Each answer/response must be 1 to 3 pages (300-500+ words)
• Both sides of any Compare and Contrast must be addressed (written about)
– At least two, and usually three or more, topics must be contrasted
• Must be contained in one WORD document (.docx or .doc)
– Any other format will not be graded (.pdf, .odf, google doc, or pages)
• File name of document must be: YourLastName,YourFirstNameMX2.docx
• Document must have one inch margins: top, bottom, left, right
• Times New Roman, 12 point, and double-spacing must be used
• Header must contain your LastName – plus the page number in top right corner
• Response to the second question must begin at the top of a new page
 Write a 300-399 word response for each “question.”
1. Compare and contrast the Eurasian trade routes before the development and expansion of Islam, with trade routes after the rapid expansion of Islam. In other words, where were the routes, what did they carry, who did the trading, and who did it all impact – and then, how did these change when Muslims entered the trading business.
2. Identify two individual persons, each born between the years 1 C.E. and 1450 C.E., who you believe had a significant impact on history.  Describe each person’s significant actions (or ideas) and how those actions (or ideas) have changed world history.
 You must sources – for any material found in the textbook or other publication or website.

History 1111