Health.  Cultural Communications and Health Literacy
This discussion focuses on exploring ways to improve health literacy and access to health information by lowering barriers and eliminating obstacles. According to the Web site, health communications and health information technology are an important part of the goal to improve health quality outcomes and diminish health disparities. Based on readings in this unit, the scope of the discussion could include the impact of almost any aspect of health literacy and effective communications, including limitations on access to the Internet and linguistic issues.
Imagine that you are serving as a consultant on these issues for a health care organization. In your initial post for this discussion, explain how you might raise and discuss the following with your client:

A means of identifying issues and barriers at this organization related to effective communication, health literacy, cultural differences, and linguistic communication.
A process for developing effective cultural communications, including treating patients with limited English proficiency (LEP).
A means of ensuring that other cultural issues and barriers are identified and addressed when they arise.

You might also want to think ahead to your Cultural Competence Development Plan project, and make notes as to how these types of ideas might be factored in.