Health Sciences homework help. Hi, need to submit a 2000 words paper on the topic Exploration of Nazi Captivity. In fact, cruelty, bloodshed, and blind brutality were some of the policies advanced by the Naziss in the time of World War II under the regime of Adolf Hitler which led to the Jewish Holocaust. one of the most resolute mass murders in the history of humanity.Making a commenting or offering one’s views on a historical event is always a challenge as one sees things as they are now and can never imagine the extremity of any past situation. It is not adequate still if the same history is provided by an eye witness since human nature will always dictate that there is no absolute perfection. Often certain crucial details, however minor, will be ignored either intentionally or not. The undertaken topic for discussion has been previously addressed in a brief account of “Slavery – Nazi vs. American chattel”. Human history is full of books and records that are painted in bloodshed related to violence of the worst kind in the name of race, ethnicity and religion.It is undoubtedly true and practically provable that Adolf Hitler and slave owners did exploit the unfortunates, using the most tragic inhumane methods. Before Hitler’s death, he uttered, “Brutal force has not won anything durable.” Nazi slavery, or American chattel slavery was alternative beats of the same wicked heart, against the races that were at a highly disadvantageous position.Some of these mayhems were administered to the Soviet prisoners of war (Soviet POWs). Actually, the greatest portion of the captives who suffered was the Soviet POWs during the Germany-Soviet War majority of who were of the Jewish race. However, the British and American prisoners and Italians for example Yakov. Stalin’s son bore a good brunt of the violence too (Schneiderman & Maller, 1946-1947). Schneiderman & Maller further states that there was arbitrary execution of millions of war prisoners between mid-1941 and early 1942. The most intense massive slaughter, for the most part, was executed via hunger, publicity, and précis putting to death while confined in German concentration.

Health Sciences homework help