Health Sciences homework help. Compose a 1500 words assignment on importance of employee relationship. Needs to be plagiarism free! Employee relationships or personnel relationships basically deals with resolving and preventing problems involving each person which affect the work situations (Boston College, n.d.). Personnel relations present in an organization support the human capital in different ways including the recognition of employee, interpretation and policy development and also the various categories of solving the problems and disputes that arise in the due course of time. It serves as the resource for every employee in non-supervisory as well as supervisory roles by giving a hand in decision-making issues like that of manage the situation which is difficult and assisting the individuals to choose the best course of action as when they are into dilemmas (Rice University, n.d.). Personnel relationship provides guidance, training and counsel to the employee and the managers to make sure an environment which is fair enough free from the illogical biases and contributing to the top-level performances with the proactive client service familiarized focus. The personal relationship builds up and interprets the organisational course of action consistent with law and organisation’s in general mission and the guiding philosophy. Personnel relationship reacts to place concern of the workforce via fact-based investigation and analysis. It prepares the decision-makers act in a win-win situation for the best interest of the employees and also that of the organisation. Addressing the poor individual skills or the declining performance is unwelcome but an unavoidable function. Unacceptable presentation and the relationships of conflict can rapidly impact the environment workplace and also the productivity and it paves the way for trade unions. Trade unions assist employees with collective bargaining. The trade unions make strong demands for the employee force as it makes a unified demand.

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