Health Sciences homework help. Modify/Design a Tick Tac Toe Game.Use the Help file provided to get started (Please make sure to follow the instructions in the help file to comment/document your program)-You must use Arrays to represent the board-The winning combination is any 5 case (not any 5)-You may use Pointers (5 Bonus Points)-You must write the entire script/scenarios and game to file (screen by screen)-NOTE: (The help files does not use arrays, pointers nor does it write to file) You must implement those on your own.-Your Game must be presented as an object just like in the help file.-You must submit a Project report with the similar requirements as Project 1.-You will have an oral portion worth 20 points, Coding is 60 points, Report is 20 points.-Maximum number in a group this time is 3, but no two groups code can be similar:  NO COLLABORATION BETWEEN GROUPS OR PERSONS OUTSIDE THE GROUP

Health Sciences homework help