Gender Studies homework help. I am looking for an answer for part B and C of this problem.Kathy’s Custom Cakes has between 0 and 4 new customers per day, with a probability distribution shown in the orange table. Depending on a number of factors, Kathy is able to complete between 1 and 4 cakes per day, with a probability distribution shown in the purple table.A. Set up the appropriate probability ranges in C3:D7 and in I3:J6. Use these ranges and the random numbers provided to run 15 simulations on the number of new customers per day (D12:D26), and on the possible levels of production (G12:G26).B. Start with 0 backorders. Calculate the Total Waiting column. Calculate the Actual Production column, noting that Kathy can produce a maximum of what is shown in the Possible Production column, and that she will never produce more cakes than the total waiting cusomters. Calculate Backorders by comparing the total waiting customers to the number of cakes produced.C. Find the average number of backorders per day. If Kathy gives a $10 gift card to each customer whose cake becomes backordered, how much should Kathy budget for gift cards per month (of 30 days)?

Gender Studies homework help