Gender Studies homework help. Complete 8 pages APA formatted article: Emotional Intelligence Concept. Increasing the competency of the individual mental support and guidance on the part of the employer is very much in need in the days of increasing work pressure in each and every sector and industry. Since the mental state and the ability to handle the work pressure varies among individuals there is the need to understand the support they require from their own individual perspectives, hence there arises the need on the part of the employers and the management of the company to understand the emotional intelligence of each and every employee. Emotional intelligence refers to the process involved in recognizing and understanding the emotional states of their own as well as of the others that will in turn help to overcome the problems of human life that are mainly related to the abstract sense of individual emotion and also help in regulating the behavior of the individual as a social person. Emotional intelligence differs from general intelligence which arises from the cold instincts of individuals. Emotional Intelligence, unlike general intelligence, has the responsibility of creating as well as destroying a proper social relation. The research works related to the psychology of human beings that started mainly in the late eighties show the path towards the study of emotional intelligence in order to study the interactions between emotions of individuals and their thoughts. With the introduction of the new path of human research, the emotional intelligence gained the attraction of the media houses, as well as the interest of the general public. With time the term emotional intelligence broadened itself to include the skills required in achieving success as believed by the human resource professional in the changing business environment. Every individual is born with certain balanced emotional intelligence which needs to be polished with their life. (Salovey, Brackett, and Mayer, 2004, 1949-1950.

Gender Studies homework help