Compose a 250 words assignment on an extracurricular activity. Needs to be plagiarism free! (Your College entrance essay on an extracurricular activity I am member of Cross Country team. I was not a top performer when I joined the team. The teammates helped develop my athletic skills and I started doing well in competitions. Along with athletic skills, I developed leadership traits. I transformed into an extravert and I helped other team members. I helped them in developing their racing skills. I started getting along with teammates and we helped each other in solving the challenges we faced in competitions. I started setting high aims for my team and myself and we strived hard to get those aims. These goals were realistic but were complex, our devotion and hard work aided us get these goals. I became more open to unlike challenges and started accepting challenges that were complex and I achieved major portion of challenges due to my aim of becoming a better athlete (Lussier 35). I gained control over my emotions and I never allowed my emotions to become an obstacle while making decisions. Management recognized my traits and they decided to promote me to Team Captain. Today I lead my team from the front and use all the traits to help my team win competitions. I want to attend your educational institute because I want to develop these traits so I can become a better athlete and a better person.Works Cited:Lussier, Robert N, and Christopher F. Achua.&nbsp.Leadership: Theory, Application, Skill Development. Australia: SouthWestern/Cengage Learning, 2010.

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