Family and Life. Cause/Effect Essay Did you know that being connected with your family could be the best tool to help you to accomplish your goals much easier? However, a family can influence sometimes in a good way or sometimes in a bad one. Fortunately my family has influenced me in a good manner that in return I will help my relatives just the same way they did. Growing along with my family has influence and improved my life in significant ways. There are three main ways on how my parents have influenced in my life, such as: no to give up on my goals, being responsible for my acts and being solidarity to others.
First, one of the most important things that they told me is not to give up on my goals. As I have been gotten older, my mind starts to realize that life without goals is not life, that life without goals or towards something is pointless. I believe everyone when a kid was had dreams to become someone in the future such as: Attorney, Doctor, Professor, and President of The United States of America. My mother, who has been always telling me to believe in myself, that I can achieve my goals if I work harder and believe in myself.
As an effect, I graduated from high school last year with good standing grades. I am currently a freshman at Oakton community college working on my way to a four year institute, and I have a part time job at Marshalls Store Department. This was a big achievement in my life because I would not have done it if both my parents were not there sustaining me. Second, effect that my family has on my life is teaching me how to be responsible for my acts. Being responsible in my acts has been teaching me enormous lessons while growing up. This was caused by my oldest sister.
She has been through many difficult experiences that taught her to be more responsible for her own acts. Now, I try to do the best in every step that I have to take. Through the years, I have become a better individual in myself by choosing the best ways to be better person in my acts every day by not hurting my family or anyone in my life with my acts. Third, effect that my family has on my life is how to be solidarity to other. I remember how my grandmother, who passed away two years ago, told me that I needed to be solidarity to others if I wanted to live happier and in peace.
Furthermore, helping others gives a feeling that words cannot describe itself because this feeling is special I think. Sometimes this feeling fills up a part of me that I cannot fill up with anything else. I help other people whenever I have the opportunity not just because I want to feel special but because it helps me to be a better individual than the day before. My grandma was like a second mother to me, she taught me many values such as: respect, love, tolerance and other things that are essential to put on practice in this life. A family always will be one of the best tools to count on in your live yet.
Because any member of any family could help, advice, guide you to the best way for your own good and not to make same mistakes that they might have done. A family will always be the main resource to come to for help. However, not all family members would be helpful in good means. Some relatives would be selfish and intolerant to you. Eventually one will notice if the advising is given in a good way or not. All human beings need someone who can talk to, someone to turn back on to, someone who would be there for you in the happiest and saddest moments. We all need someone to talk to because we have feelings for others.

Family and Life