English Language and Literature homework help. Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Fashion and Its Influence on People. It needs to be at least 1250 words. In the social angst of the 1960s, when women were beginning to demand greater public recognition and opportunities, designer Vivienne Westwood discovered that “there was a dramatic potential in the clothes themselves that could be heightened: laden with associations, biker gear links sexuality, violence, and death, in a twentieth-century archetype” (Savage, 2001).&nbsp. Working to build on these impressions of the female form as something potentially dangerous and wildly free of normal social conventions, Westwood added metal studs, chicken bones, chains, zippers and other things to clothing, defining the punk culture as something available for women (Savage, 2001).&nbsp. Westwood also brought forward the romantic ‘pirate’ image comprised of frilled shirts, tight skirts and ragged edges that conveyed a sense of combined softness and independence.&nbsp. From here, she developed the ‘savage’ look that linked earth mother with tattered layers, asymmetrical skirts, and untamed spirit.&nbsp. Through the introduction of her designs, Westwood made it possible for women to express a menacing, ‘bad girl’ lurking just under the surface.&nbsp. When an individual wears Westwood-inspired punk designs, she associates herself with the rebellious, rough side of her nature or she might choose to associate herself with the softer ‘romantic’ ideal by adding ruffles and lace.&nbsp. In addition, colors and cut can also add to the expressions a woman wishes to convey to her audience, the entire external world.&nbsp. However, in order to accurately reflect her inner identity through her exterior appearance, a woman has to have a clear understanding of just what social signals her fashion choices might be seen. It is undeniable that clothing sends specific social signals based on a variety of factors.&nbsp. These signals are becoming more and more important to individuals as a means of judging just where others stand in the social hierarchy.&nbsp. “’Objects are now carrying the status weight that blood and religion and pigment used to carry.’&nbsp.

English Language and Literature homework help