English Language and Literature homework help. Elizabethan Team sports gained in popularity during the reign of Queen Elizabeth. In the Elizabethan area there were Hunting, Joust. Est. There were tournament that had many challenges to compete in. Some of these sports they were played for life and death. During there were many different types of Elizabethan Tournaments which each had a different type of combat method. The events of the tournament were the joust, the melee, and fighting on foot. Some of theses games or dulls were you had to fight for your life. There were sports that you can play as a team; some games are individual like horseshoes, wrestling, and Elizabethan tennis. There even various Sports were played and watched and formed much of Elizabethan Entertainment, especially for the Nobility.The Elizabethan tournaments were imported from France during the 12th century and formed an important element of Elizabethan military and social life. The Tournaments were the favorite sport of Elizabethan Knights. The tournament was watch by many people like Commoners, Royalty and Nobles, the Upper Class and the Lower Classes. Joust is a series of elimination jousts, which lasted over several days, and an overall winner would be determined. Every Knight would run the lists three times with each opponent. Jousting in its basic form is a martial sport between two knights mounted on horses and using lances. It can also consist of a series of competitions using a variety of weapons, usually in sets of three per weapon.Then theres the Melees there are two kinds of melee’ a there’s one with Teams of knights fighting on foot a knight defeats an opponent if he makes three hits with his blunted weapons. Judges had a hard time with this one and participants often depended on each other, and their knightly honor, to keep an accurate score, and there’s one team of knights fighting on horseback. Then there the Pas d’armes is a, (Passage of Arms Tournament) is Knight would send out a proclamation that he would take on all challengers at a specific time and place.The most popular sport in the Elizabethan era was Bear & Bull Baiting. Even Queen Elizabeth was pleased to spend an afternoon watching these bloodthirsty forms of entertainment. Bull baiting had been introduced to England during the medieval period of the 1200’s – nearly every town in Elizabethan England boasted a Bull and Bear baiting ring. Seen as a great sporting and gambling event it was patronised by all classes of Elizabethans including the Queen, courtiers and foreign ambassadors. Vast amounts of money were waged on the outcome of these contests.Then there other sports like Hunting was one of the most popular sports enjoyed by the Elizabethan Upper Classes and the Nobility. The English Nobility had always enjoyed hunting as it provided training for war because of the tracking skills, weapon usage, horsemanship, and courage that were all required. There was ‘At Force’ HuntingWas designed for fit, young and very active men. As the name suggests there were many huntsmen involved in this type of hunt who arranged themselves into teams. Then there was the ‘Bow and Stable’ Hunting is designed for women or less active, or infirm, men active men. As the name suggests this type of hunt was conducted on horseback using a bow as the main weapon.There many games that played in the Elizabethan era that changes so much into sports we play to day. Like Hurling or Shinty, which is similar to hockey, Rounders is a bat-and-ball game similar to the modern baseball. Skittles is like an ancestor of modern ten-pin bowling; Stoolball is an ancestor of Cricket. Some of these sports are not that popular to the nobility. Various Sports were played and watched and formed much of Elizabethan Entertainment, especially for the Nobility.Then there’re sports that you can play individual. There’s the Elizabethan Archery contests were extremely popular during the Elizabethan era and prizes could be won for the most skilled of archers. Then their colf is the ancestor of Golf. The origin of the word golf is believed to be the Dutch word of “colf” meaning “club”. The balls consisted of a leather casing, usually made from a bull’s hide, soaked in alum and stuffed with softened goose feathers

English Language and Literature homework help