English Language and Literature homework help. This assignment is not required, but is offered for those who wish to add to their point totals. For Assignment 2 the newspaper article you choose must have been published between January 26, 2019 and February 15, 2019.Newspaper articles and commentaries are often used by historians as primary sources–as evidence for a topic they are writing about.  So our newspapers of today will become primary sources for historians in the future.  See pages 5-6 in your syllabus for specific instructions on how to do these assignments and receive all of the 25 points.Be sure to submit your file to BOTH Blackboard and Turnitin in order to get these points.The region for the article selection for this assignment is the Middle East [Turkey, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Israel, Kuwait, Palestine, UAE, Yemen, Oman, Saudi Arabia].  Not refugees to the U.S. from there; not U.S. policy toward that region. There are question that need to be answer throughout the paper.The assignments consist of finding a newspaper article that appears during the time period of the course listed in the assignment, either in a local paper or in an on-line newspaper such as the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Sun Times, Washington Post, Greenwood Commonwealth or any other United States or English language newspaper. This means CNN, yahoo, Fox News, MSNBC, Huffington Post, etc. are not eligible for these assignments. ONLY NEWSPAPERS/NEWSPAPER websites. Each article must have some discussion of, or allusion to, a region of the world designated for that particular assignment—See Assignments Tab as the regions change for each assignment. These are not articles on the U.S., U.S. policy in that region or immigrants from that region to the U.S. 1. These articles must come from newspapers, not websites unconnected to a print paper. 2. Cite the article [Title of the article, author [if given], name of the newspaper, date of publication] AT THE TOP OF YOUR PAPER. Put your name at the top of the paper, as well. No repeat headers allowed in your papers.3. You are to summarize the article and the point of view of the author. 5. Then indicate whether you agree or disagree with what is presented and whether your textbook sheds any light on the subject—use the index and cite the textbook pages. 6. Comment on how history is “used” by contemporary authors to support their points of view or illustrate subject matters they deal with. 7. Have you learned anything from the article?8. Finally, and most importantly, what are the specific sources the author(s) cite(s)/uses to support the article?

English Language and Literature homework help