Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Geomorphology 3.Further, a model for predicting age can be succinctly tested based on weathering degree.The class split into three groups and recorded the varying degrees of weathering for different tombstones at the Murray Cemetry. The characteristics of the 20 tombstones were recorded by each group. The characteristics recorded for each tombstone include height, width, length, name, thickness at bottom and thickness at top, texture, lithology, tilt and visual weathering class. The data obtained were entered into an excel spreadsheet as shown in the result section.As shown in the above the graph, with the help of a best fit line, there is a general trend observed between weathering class and age. A positive gradient indicates that there is a positive relationship between the two and as the age increases so does the weathering class of tombstone increases.As shown in the graph, there is a general trend between weathering class and height of the tombstone. The equation gives a positive gradient, showing that as the height increases there is a positive effect on the weathering class. The weathering class increases with increase in height.A line of best fit, as shown in the graph, indicates that there is a considerable relationship between weathering class and length. The graph shows that an increase observed in length leads to an increase in weathering class. The positive gradient shows that there is a positive relationship between the two.The results obtained were able to support the initially listed hypotheses. For age, there was observed consistency in its relationship with weathering class as shown in the graph. Hence, from the methodology used, the hypothesis “The degree of tombstone weathering is related to tombstone age” is sufficiently supported because there was observed consistency with a positive gradient. The results supported hypothesis two which stated that “The degree of tombstone weathering relies on the height of the tombstone” given

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